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> Jim Nasby <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > I've often thought that having global temp tables would be a really
> > good idea, since it would drastically reduce the need to vacuum
> > catalog tables,
> I rather doubt that.  The most likely implementation would involve
> cloning a "template" entry into pg_class.

How about a new relkind which causes the table to be located in

So each backend can have its own copy of the table with the same
relfilenode; there's no need for extra catalog entries.

we recently make the path for temp files to be just base/pgsql_tmp or
pg_tblspc/<tblspc_oid>/pgsql_tmp. do we want to complicate things

while not just a new rekind indicating this is a template and not and
actual table. and using that template for creating the actual tables?

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