Tom Lane wrote:
>> animal: clownfish           warnings: 12
>> "dynloader.c", line 4: warning: empty translation unit
>> "postgres.c", line 3758: warning: loop not entered at top
> The first of these is not a bug, the second seems to be some weird
> aberration in their statement-not-reached detection.

will see about filtering out those

>> animal: grebe               warnings: 45
>> xlog.c:651: warning: implicit declaration of function '_check_lock'
>> xlog.c:654: warning: implicit declaration of function '_clear_lock'
>> hba.c:1449: warning: implicit declaration of function 'getpeereid'
> Someone needs to find out which system headers declare these functions
> on AIX.
>> ip.c: In function 'getaddrinfo_unix':
>> ip.c:254: warning: large integer implicitly truncated to unsigned type
> This is complaining about
>       unp->sun_len = sizeof(struct sockaddr_un);
> #endif
> I don't know how wide sun_len is on this platform.  It's probably uint8,
> but if we explicitly cast the sizeof to 8 bits, we could conceivably
> break things on other platforms.  Are there any where sockaddr_un is
> longer than 255 bytes?  Anyway I'm inclined to leave this alone.

no idea on AIX but I have added christopher to the CC list - maybe he
can shed some light on those things.

>> guc.c:2866: warning: 'guc_get_index' defined but not used
>>         Extra instructions are being generated for each reference to a TOC
>>         symbol if the symbol is in the TOC overflow area.
> This is fairly bizarre, since 'guc_get_index' *is* used in guc-file.c,
> which is included into this same file.  However I don't much like the
> coding method used here (it is certainly not better than using a
> temporary flag bit), so when I get a chance I'll rewrite it out of
> existence.
>> connect.c:23: warning: missing braces around initializer
>> connect.c:23: warning: (near initialization for
>> 'actual_connection_key_once.__on_word')
>> misc.c:67: warning: missing braces around initializer
>> misc.c:67: warning: (near initialization for 'sqlca_key_once.__on_word')
> I think these are a platform bug.  The spec clearly says that
> static pthread_once_t actual_connection_key_once = PTHREAD_ONCE_INIT;
> is exactly how you are supposed to do it.  If pthread_once_t is a struct
> on a given platform, that platform ought to be defining
> PTHREAD_ONCE_INIT with the appropriate braces included.  If we added
> braces ourselves we'd break it for platforms where the macro is correct
> already.  Hence, not our problem.

I see


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