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> Tom Lane wrote:
> [...]
>>> animal: clownfish           warnings: 12
>>> "dynloader.c", line 4: warning: empty translation unit
>>> "postgres.c", line 3758: warning: loop not entered at top
>> The first of these is not a bug, the second seems to be some weird
>> aberration in their statement-not-reached detection.
> will see about filtering out those
>>> animal: grebe               warnings: 45
>>> xlog.c:651: warning: implicit declaration of function '_check_lock'
>>> xlog.c:654: warning: implicit declaration of function '_clear_lock'
>>> hba.c:1449: warning: implicit declaration of function 'getpeereid'
>> Someone needs to find out which system headers declare these functions
>> on AIX.

Hmm.  Logging onto grebe:

/usr/include/sys/socket.h:int     getpeereid(int, uid_t *__restrict__, gid_t 

ydb1.int.libertyrms.com(cbbrowne): /home/cbbrowne # egrep '_(check|clear)_lock' 
/usr/include/sys/atomic_op.h:boolean_t _check_lock();
/usr/include/sys/atomic_op.h:void _clear_lock();
/usr/include/sys/atomic_op.h:void _clear_lock_mem();
/usr/include/sys/atomic_op.h:boolean_t _check_lock(atomic_p, int, int);
/usr/include/sys/atomic_op.h:void _clear_lock(atomic_p, int);
/usr/include/sys/atomic_op.h:void _clear_lock_mem(atomic_p, int);

Do those seem apropos?

>>> ip.c: In function 'getaddrinfo_unix':
>>> ip.c:254: warning: large integer implicitly truncated to unsigned type
>> This is complaining about
>>      unp->sun_len = sizeof(struct sockaddr_un);
>> #endif
>> I don't know how wide sun_len is on this platform.  It's probably uint8,
>> but if we explicitly cast the sizeof to 8 bits, we could conceivably
>> break things on other platforms.  Are there any where sockaddr_un is
>> longer than 255 bytes?  Anyway I'm inclined to leave this alone.
> no idea on AIX but I have added christopher to the CC list - maybe he
> can shed some light on those things.

/* According to RFC3493 sockaddr_storage structure should be greater than or
equal to the largest sockaddr struct. The size of sockaddr_un structure changed 
to 1025 in order to support long user names. Change _SS_MAXSIZE accordingly
inorder to main compliance to the RFC */
#define _SS_MAXSIZE     1280 /* Implementation specific max size */

Actually, you can take a look at doc/FAQ_AIX; that reports that the
size was updated to 1028 back in 2005, as a result, in fact, of my bug
submission :-).

The comment in the #include seems somewhat nonsensical; the reason for
increasing sockaddr_un was to support IPv6 addresses.  I didn't think
it had anything to do with user names...

[Aside: Sorry, I don't have any flames about EDB/CMD today.  Boy, you
miss reading -advocacy for half a day, and sometimes you miss
something big...]
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