Pavel Stehule wrote:

I checked my tests again I have different results. Now I tested
PostgreSQL on dedicated server. Now 8.3 is about 20% faster. I didn't
see strong  impression of autovacuum.  All numbers are approximate
only. I did pgbench 3x for folowing configuration: (autovacuum on,
autovacuum off, statistics off) and for -tntransaction (100, 1000,

In other news, 8.3 with current HOT is 13% faster than 8.2 at TPCE in the first 1/2 hour. Performance does not fall over 5 hours of test run, and most of the main tables never have autovacuum triggered at all. Unfortnately, we don't yet have a 5-hour 8.2 run to compare last-half-hour performance.


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