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On a somewhat related note, I have had spectacular lack of success in getting either MSVC or MinGW builds to work on Vista - so much so that I have currently abandoned my attempts on that platform and I resorted to resuscitating an old XP box for testing. Following some advice from Magnus, I added ACLs to the build root for both an admin and a non-admin user (cacls buildroot /E /T /G AdminUser:C and similarly for a non-admin user) . I can build as the admin user but when I come to run initdb it fails, complaining that it can't find the postgres executable.

Yeah, I ran into that problem as well. I'll look at my Vista box when I'm in the office tomorrow and see if I can figure out what hack fixed it for me.

I have never heard back on this, AFAIK. If anyone has instructions on how to manage this please let me know. My current status with MSVC/vista is still that I can build but not run as an admin user, and run but not build as a non-admin user. Bleah.



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