> This is just a PLUS. I just don't see any problem by doing this.
> Even knowing that this is not Standard SQL-Syntax, I just see this as a
> benefit feature.

Our project has a policy of upholding the SQL standard whereever possible.  
For that reason, we don't approve non-standard syntax just for reasons of 
accessibility.  Any non-standard syntax we approve needs to add 
significant extra functionality to the DBMS, not just convenience, and 
certainly not because MySQL does it.

"Standards are important" is one of the themes of PostgreSQL which 
differentiates us from MySQL.

> Another reason is that we have more people migrating from MySQL to
> Postgre than any other database server. People don't migrate to Postgre
> from Oracle. Hardly from MS SQL Server.

You're mistaken.  I think we get more migrations from Oracle than from 
MySQL.  And quite a few from DB2 and Informix.


Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL @ Sun
San Francisco

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