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Dimitri Fontaine wrote:
> Le mardi 07 août 2007, Tom Lane a écrit :
>> Gregory Stark <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>>> log_autovacuum_jobs - output every time a vacuum or analyze *starts*
> [...]
>>> I would also suggest raising the level of the DEBUG2 message indicating
>>> why tables were chosen or not. At least to DEBUG1 if not to INFO.
>> It's not acceptable for autovacuum to be cluttering the log by default.
> If I understand correctly what is proposed, the log_autovacuum_jobs option 
> would allow the user to choose whether or not he wants its log cluttered by 
> autovacuum. I know I'd choose to clutter them, and would prefer not having to 
> choose a DEBUG loglevel to have autovacuum logs...

With 8.3 having autovacuum on by default, we really should be logging at
a mininum:

autovacuum start
autovacuum working (what am I working on but not what I am doing,
meaning we don't need tuple information etc..)
autovacuum stop

Yes, by default or at least at no level higher than INFO.


Joshua D. Drake

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