Tom Lane wrote:
> > Yes, by default or at least at no level higher than INFO.
> No, NOT by default.  Our users have made it perfectly clear that they
> don't want the logs cluttered with high-volume information about
> non-error normal workings of the system.  Every time we have caused
> the system to emit such data by default, the log level of the
> messages in question has gotten dialed down in a later release.

But INFO is not shown by default.

In fact, just about the only useful thing that emits INFO messages is 
VACUUM VERBOSE, so there is a fair precedent for equating the INFO 
level with lots of chatter about VACUUM.

I like to set log_min_messages to INFO (and run vacuum verbosely) while 
a system is stabilizing, so adding autovacuum information there would 
come in handy.

Peter Eisentraut

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