On Thu, Aug 09, 2007 at 04:34:48PM +0200, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, 9. August 2007 16:09 schrieb Hans-Juergen Schoenig:
> > the idea is basically to hide codes - many companies want that and ?
> > ask for it again and again.
> If you want to design a security feature, you need to offer a threat and risk 
> analysis, not just the whining of customers.

This isn't as much a security feature as a means for people to keep
their code private. To some degree you could just get away with storing
nothing but a parsed representation of the code, though of course
someone could always decompile that.

There's a non-trivial amount of work involved in handling key
management, etc, so I think we don't want to try and build that in. What
would be interesting is providing hooks for en/decrypting function code
and having the backend call those hooks as appropriate. That should
allow someone to develop the ability to encrypt the code in the database
outside of the backend.
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