Ühel kenal päeval, N, 2007-08-09 kell 16:42, kirjutas Hans-Juergen

> well, the complete analysis is easy - the solution is not.
> currently we have basically no option to reduce access to the system
> tables. this would be hard anyway as we need those tables for
> basically all kinds of operations.
> the problem here is that vendors of appliances don't want people to
> spider their codes. this is a fact - it is not the idea of open source
> to do so but bloody reality. in addition to that people are not
> willing to code everything in C just to hide.

Maybe you can write PL/PgSQL compiler, just compiling to C would be
And it would be generally useful.

> so, there has to be a concept to achieve this for stored procedures
> somehow.
> i am afraid the source level encryption is the easiest thing and most
> understandable thing to do.

make it just rot13 then. will be asy to break anyhow ;)


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