Joshua D. Drake wrote:

Andrew Dunstan wrote:
Joshua D. Drake wrote:
I believe this patch is an update to the table_funcs contrib module.

I spent 2 minutes looking. It has no Makefile and no comments. It
doesn't use our code conventions either. At that stage I stopped looking.

The author needs to spend some time looking at the developer
documentation and perusing the lists to see what our requirements are if
he wants to be taken seriously. Also, he needs to understand that the
best way to go about such a project is to float ideas first, code later,
not the other way around.

Woah there silver! Read the persons first post. He updated an existing
module to fit *his* needs. He then, instead of whining to the lists
about a missing feature, implemented what *he* needed.

That might be what he said, but maybe you need to go and actually compare this with the contrib module.

And he did whine that nobody was responding to his posts. :-)

It also appears that he fixed a few bugs *and* increased the usability
of the module. He then gave that code back. I say bravo and thanks for
the patch.

Again, he said so, but there if there are bugs they should be fixed quite separately from any new feature. Bug fixes we can include in this release and backport if necessary, and he should post patches for those ASAP.

I'm not saying "no thanks" to his code, although we almost certainly don't want the feature in anything like this form. I am saying that if he wants the code to be considered for inclusion, he needs to follow processes and meet standards.



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