Joshua D. Drake wrote:
Tom Lane wrote:
Bertram Scharpf wrote:
Wouldn't the release be a good opportunity for providing
this little tool?

As for whether we could accept this for 8.4, I thought the general
consensus was that we should implement the SQL-spec WITH syntax.
The only good reason for supporting CONNECT BY would be to be
Oracle-compatible, which this patch isn't.  (Being Oracle-compatible
isn't necessarily good anyway; are we sure they don't have a patent
on their way of doing this?)

I believe this patch is an update to the table_funcs contrib module.

I guess I should weigh in here. I have to agree with Tom, namely that:

1. It is way to late for a massive change to the existing contrib for
   Postgres 8.3
2. Any effort involving significant changes to this functionality ought
   to be directed at getting SQL spec compliant recursive behavior
   rather than extending the existing hack.

For those reasons, I for one was not too excited to spend much time right now reviewing the patch.

If Bertram would send a narrow patch that just plugged existing bugs, I'd be all ears. It would likely be applied to 8.3 and possibly earlier.


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