Tom Lane wrote:
But to get to the point: the urgency of testing the patch more
extensively has just moved up a full order of magnitude, IMHO anyway.
I muttered something in the other thread about providing a buildfarm
option to run the regression tests with synchronous_commit off.  That
would still be a good idea in the long run, but I want to take some more
drastic measures now.  I propose that we actually set synchronous_commit
off by default for the next little while --- at least up to 8.3beta1,
maybe until we approach the RC point.  That will ensure that every
buildfarm machine is exercising the async-commit behavior, as well as
every developer who's testing HEAD.

Of course the risk is that we might forget to turn it back on before
release :-(

Turn it off, I doubt we'll forget.

I have some ideas about testing configuration items. Doing all our tests with the default config is not ideal, I think. Essentially we'd put up a server that would have sets of <branch, list-of-config-lines>. The client would connect to the server if it could and get the set(s) of lines for the branch on question, and for each set it would try another run of installcheck (I'm also wondering if we should switch to doing installcheck-parallel). Anyway, this would be a config option on the buildfarm, so we wouldn't overburden hosts with limited run windows (e.g. the Solaris boxes Sun has on the farm) or slow run times (e.g. some of the old and/or tiny hardware we have).

If this seems worth it I'll put it on my TODO.



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