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> But to get to the point: the urgency of testing the patch more
> extensively has just moved up a full order of magnitude, IMHO anyway.
> I muttered something in the other thread about providing a buildfarm
> option to run the regression tests with synchronous_commit off.  That
> would still be a good idea in the long run, but I want to take some more
> drastic measures now.  I propose that we actually set synchronous_commit
> off by default for the next little while --- at least up to 8.3beta1,
> maybe until we approach the RC point.  That will ensure that every
> buildfarm machine is exercising the async-commit behavior, as well as
> every developer who's testing HEAD.
> Of course the risk is that we might forget to turn it back on before
> release :-(

I'll set a cron job to remind us. What date should I set it for? :)

Seems like a fine plan to me. It's supposed to be 100% reliable and have
indistinguishable behaviour barring a system crash and nobody should be
running production data on a beta or pre-beta build, so they should never see
a difference.

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