Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I have some ideas about testing configuration items. Doing all our tests 
> with the default config is not ideal, I think. Essentially we'd put up a 
> server that would have sets of <branch, list-of-config-lines>. The 
> client would connect to the server if it could and get the set(s) of 
> lines for the branch on question, and for each set it would try another 
> run of installcheck  (I'm also wondering if we should switch to doing 
> installcheck-parallel). Anyway, this would be a config option on the 
> buildfarm, so we wouldn't overburden hosts with limited run windows 
> (e.g. the Solaris boxes Sun has on the farm) or slow run times (e.g. 
> some of the old and/or tiny hardware we have).

> If this seems worth it I'll put it on my TODO.

Sounds like a good plan, except that an extra server seems unnecessary
mechanism (and perhaps an unnecessary security risk).  We can just put
a file into CVS src/test/regress showing what we'd like tested.

                        regards, tom lane

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