Heikki Linnakangas wrote:
> Bruce Momjian wrote:
> > #3 requires more code and is probably not something we want to do at
> > this stage in 8.3 development.  It requires passing typmod values
> > between functions and operators (not something we have done easily in
> > the past).
> It does? I was thinking of implicitly creating a new type, with no
> typmod, when you create a new configuration. Similar to enums, I think.

So each new configuration is a new data type?  How do the tsearch
functions handle these new data types?  I also question if this can be
completed soon.  I have seen no specification yet, let alone someone
coding it.

Basically, the default GUC doesn't work because of:

        error prone
        if super-user only, non-super-user doesn't work on restore
        if non-super-user, can cause mismatch (perhaps this is the best
          option), and restore still a problem (no storage of config in
          indexes or tables)

No one seems to like the always-specify the configuration (loses cast
ability).  And I don't see the code for new type appearing anytime soon.

Bottom line --- we better figure out something quick or it isn't going
to be in 8.3, and at this point, I am starting to doubt a solution will
magically appear.

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