Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Looking at the Committers mail, it looks like there have only been two 
> very small commits since Michael's series of commits around 12 to 13.5 
> hours ago, and before that nothing since around 28 hours ago. Do we have 
> a backup snapshot of the repo taken during that time that we can roll 
> back to? That might be simpler than doing surgery on the repo.

It looks to me like the mistake was unrelated to any commit, and was
made at Aug 12 09:50 UTC.  (Aside from the file-timestamp evidence,
caracara's build failure at 2007-08-12 213845 shows that the problem
is more than 2 days old.)  I count seven commits of my own and several
of Michael's since then.  If I'm right that a simple "cvs rtag" will fix
it, I'd rather do that than try to reapply patches.

                        regards, tom lane

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