I wrote:
> I did a fresh checkout of the 7.4 branch and diff'd against my local
> copy, and it seems clear that every file that was not in 7.4 at all has
> had its HEAD version tagged as REL7_4_STABLE.  The files that did exist
> then are all right.  That's throughout the whole tree, not just in
> contrib/btree_gist.

As for getting out of it: it looks like the misapplied tags are revision
tags not branch tags, eg

RCS file: /cvsroot/pgsql/contrib/btree_gist/btree_bit.c,v
Working file: btree_bit.c
head: 1.7
locks: strict
access list:
symbolic names:
        REL7_4_STABLE: 1.7                      <--- wrong
        REL8_0_13: 1.2
        REL8_1_9: 1.6
        REL8_2_4: 1.6
        REL8_0_12: 1.2
        REL8_1_8: 1.6
        REL8_2_3: 1.6
        REL8_0_11: 1.2
        REL8_1_7: 1.6
        REL8_2_2: 1.6
        REL8_0_10: 1.2
        REL8_1_6: 1.6
        REL8_2_1: 1.6

which I think means that there's a one-liner way out of it.  The CVS
manual quoth:

   To delete a tag, specify the `-d' option to either `cvs tag' or `cvs
  rtag'.  For example:

     cvs rtag -d rel-0-4 tc

  deletes the non-branch tag `rel-0-4' from the module `tc'.  In the
  event that branch tags are encountered within the repository with the
  given name, a warning message will be issued and the branch tag will
  not be deleted.  If you are absolutely certain you know what you are
  doing, the `-B' option may be specified to allow deletion of branch
  tags.  In that case, any non-branch tags encountered will trigger
  warnings and will not be deleted.

So I think that "cvs rtag -d REL7_4_STABLE pgsql" will fix it.
I'd like someone to double-check that though.  Also maybe we should back
up the repository first?

                        regards, tom lane

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