Here is the current 8.3 patch status:

As you can see we have two major patches remaining, tsearch2 and HOT. 
Tom is working on tsearch2 now and Paven just posted an updated HOT
patch.  (Only the GIT (group index tuples) patch didn't make it into

There are a few minor patches left:

  o  Automatic adjustment of bgwriter_lru_maxpages 

     We show this as waiting for performance results.  I am thinking we
     should hold this for 8.4.

  o  Error correction for n_dead_tuples

     This shows as waiting on another patch.  Again, I am thinking to
     keep it for 8.4.

  o  Per function search_path

     Tom will complete this one.

  o  Table function support

     Neil, where are you on this?

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