2007/9/4, korry.douglas <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
>  1. can be integrated into psql?
>  There is an API - I wouldn't want to try to use it from the command-line,
> but you certainly can.  You would call functions such as:
>      SELECT * FROM pldbg_set_breakpoint( 'myfunction' );
>      SELECT * FROM pldbg_wait_for_breakpoint( ... );
>      SELECT * FROM pldbg_step_into( ... );
>      SELECT * FROM pldbg_continue( .. .);
>         ....
>  Since it is driven by an API, you can code up a user interface in whatever
> language/environment you like.

I tested it without success. I didn't find documentation. There is
some startup sequence, so pldbg functions raised errors.

>  2. can be started from query execution (with breakpoint). Now I have
> to expliciltly start debugged function.
>  I'm not quite sure what you mean there.  The debugger works in two
> different modes:
> 1) In-context debugging: you set a breakpoint on a function (from within a
> tool like pgAdmin) and then invoke that function from some other client
> application

I mean method 1. I hadn't success with pgAdmin. Breakpoints was ignored.

>  2) Direct debugging: you set a breakpoint on a function and the debugger
> invokes that function on your behalf.
>  In pgAdmin, you start an in-context debugging by choosing the "Set
> Breakpoint" (or perhaps "Set Global Breakpoint") option and you start a
> direct debugging session by choosing the "Debug Function" option (sorry, I
> don't have a copy of pgAdmin in front of me so I may have the spelling wrong
> in there somewhere).
>               -- Korry

I'll test it again in new beta pgAdmin


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