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John, I started writing up the API documentation and then noticed that most of what I intended to write is already described in the pldbgapi.c module.

Take a look at that module and let me know if you have any questions (you can e-mail me off-list if you like). I'll update the documentation in pldbgapi.c as needed.

I just noticed that when digging around last night. It helped a lot with my understanding of how things work. I think that needs to go in the readme file or at least reference it from the readme file.

I would still like to see a simple example using psql. I know you would not really use psql for this, but I think it would help a lot with getting started for folks that want to use the debugger. I did not spend lots of time on it, but even after reading pldbgapi.c I was not able to get simple session going (e.g. how to start a session and request the source for a procedure).



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