Pavel Stehule wrote:
>> 1) In-context debugging: you set a breakpoint on a function (from within a
>> tool like pgAdmin) and then invoke that function from some other client
>> application
> I mean method 1. I hadn't success with pgAdmin. Breakpoints was ignored.

That normally means the debugger plugin hasn't been correctly installed.

>From the readme:

- Edit your postgresql.conf file, and modify the
shared_preload_libraries config
  option to look like:

  shared_preload_libraries = '$libdir/plugins/'

  (on some platforms the file extension may differ - for example, on
Windows it will be .dll not .so).


The majority of problems we've encountered with the plugin are caused by
failing to add (or incorrectly adding) the debugger plugin library to
the shared_preload_libraries configuration directive in postgresql.conf
(following which, the server *must* be restarted). This will prevent
global breakpoints working on all platforms, and on some (notably
Windows) may prevent the pldbgapi.sql script from executing correctly.

Regards, Dave.

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