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apoc9009 wrote:
Thadt is Replication NOT Backup

I've now read all of your messages in this thread, but I simply fail to understand why you are that much opposed to the term 'replication'. I think the only thing which comes any close to what you're looking for is replication (in particular eager multi-master replication).
What is your Problem in understanding the Word "Backup"?

Translation for you:
A Backup is a File or Set of Files thadt contains the Data of your Business critical Informations. It should not be Archived on the same place, the same House or the same Room.

A Replication Database has nothing to do with a Backup, it works only for Failover if the Primary
Database has a Mailfunction.

A good Backuptool is needed if you have Databases with sizes over 1 Terrabyte. The common Backup methods wont Work with Online Productiondatabases and without the Problem of Datalosses, this is only a Way for small and Mediumsize Databases, not for Hugh Databases.

Keep in Mind: Backup is NOT Replication!

Write it down 100 times and maybe you understand

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