Martin Pihlak <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Neil Conway wrote:
>> That seems a confusing set of values. Perhaps "off", "pl", and "all"
>> would be clearer?

> Makes sense. It appears that the stats_ prefixed GUC names are deprecated now.
> Will rename to "track_functions" and change values to "off", "pl" and
> "all". Or should I use "none" instead of "off"?

"None" seems good, by analogy with log_statement's values.

> It seems that the overhead is unnoticeable if disabled, very visible
> for lightweight functions and heavy callers. Almost unnoticeable for
> more compute intensive functions.

The very high system times seem odd.  Maybe you have a machine with
slow gettimeofday()?

                        regards, tom lane

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