Very interesting. I'm looking for such tool.

Unfortunately, I can't compile it on my Solaris right now,
but I hope it will be shipped with PostgreSQL distribution.

Mark Wong wrote:
Hi everyone,

I was playing with converting unixtop (the version of top used in
FreeBSD) to only show PostgreSQL processes pulled from the
pg_stat_activity table.  I have a version that kind of works here:

I've tried it on FreeBSD and Linux, not sure about other platforms
though.  So it looks a lot like top and can currently do a few simple
things like display the current_query from pg_stat_activity for a
given process, show the locks held by a process and on which tables,
and show the query plan for the current query.  It is a ways from
polished (not really documented, etc.) but I wanted to see what people
thought of a text/curses sort of monitoring tool like this.  Maybe
something to distribute with PostgreSQL? :)

Forgive me if I didn't try out pgtop (the CPAN module.)


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