Mark Wong wrote:
On 9/25/07, Satoshi Nagayasu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Very interesting. I'm looking for such tool.

Unfortunately, I can't compile it on my Solaris right now,
but I hope it will be shipped with PostgreSQL distribution.

I haven't tried it on Solaris but I'm not surprised.  If I can get my
hands on a Solaris system I can probably get it to work. :)  The code
for getting the process information is platform specific and I know
I've broken it for all the platforms I haven't tried it on...


I tested it on Solaris and I found two problems there. One is with configure. It does not correctly handled CPPFLAGS. Generated makefile ignore path to the include files. This line is wrong:

# explicit dependency for the module appropriate to this machine
m_sunos5.o: $(srcdir)/machine/m_sunos5.c
        $(COMPILE) -o $@ -c $(srcdir)/machine/m_sunos5.c

Second issue is with new interface of get_process_info function. Currently it has 4 arguments but in m_sunos5.c is defined only with 3 arguments.

Last issue is with -m64 switch. Solaris pg installation does not have 64bit libpg (will be soon) and linker is not able put everything together.


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