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> Tom Lane wrote:
>> Alvaro Herrera <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>>> This is an interesting idea, but I think it's attacking the wrong
>>> problem.  To me, the problem here is that an ANALYZE should not block
>>> CREATE INDEX or certain forms of ALTER TABLE.
>> I doubt that that will work; in particular I'm pretty dubious that you
>> can safely make CREATE INDEX and VACUUM run together.  Since they'd be
>> unlikely to be using the identical OldestXmin horizon, you'd likely end
>> up with dangling index entries (ie, CREATE INDEX indexes a tuple that
>> the VACUUM removes shortly afterward).
> I think the main issue is ANALYZE not VACUUM (at least in this thread) 
> since it's DB load times that are in question.

Right.  Autovac will not issue VACUUM against the freshly restored
tables anyway, since there are no deleted tuples.

> Can CREATE INDEX and ANALYZE be made to run concurrently?

I don't see why not (except for the fact that both try to update
reltuples and relpages AFAIR, so we would need to be careful about

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