Tom Lane escribió:
> [ on further thought ]
> "Matthew T. O'Connor" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> >> ... solving the problem 
> >> for analyze is a nice piece of low-hanging fruit that solves an 
> >> immediate problem that has been reported.
> Actually, if you wanted a low-hanging solution to that, it would
> probably be to revert this 8.2 patch:
> We did that because people were complaining of unexpected failures in
> manual ANALYZEs, but perhaps the cure is worse than the disease.

How about getting ShareUpdateExclusiveLock on manual analyze and plain
AccessShareLock on autovacuum-induced analyze?

Alvaro Herrera              
"I must say, I am absolutely impressed with what pgsql's implementation of
VALUES allows me to do. It's kind of ridiculous how much "work" goes away in
my code.  Too bad I can't do this at work (Oracle 8/9)."       (Tom Allison)

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