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> Gregory Stark wrote:
>> So does the _() macro automatically recode it to the current server encoding?
> Well, I'm not sure if it's _(), elog() or what, but it does get recoded.
> If I have a different client_encoding and get a NOTICE, then both the
> server and client get a message in the corresponding encoding.

Actually I was thinking about things like formatting.c which take localized
strings and return them as data which can end up in the database. If they're
in the wrong encoding then they'll be invalidly encoded strings in the

> In fact this is the reason for the most common "PANIC: stack overflow"
> in elog.c error stack.  When a message needs to be recoded but the
> recoding procedure errors out, it wants to report that and this one also
> fails, you get infinite recursion and nothing can get reported.


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