Am Samstag, 6. Oktober 2007 schrieb Tom Lane:
> It's not real clear to me whether, on a Unix machine, there is even
> supposed to be any difference between setting LC_TIME=es_ES.iso88591 and
> setting it to es_ES.utf8.  Since nl_langinfo(CODESET) is supposedly
> determined only by LC_CTYPE, you could argue that strftime's results
> should be in that encoding regardless, and that the codeset component of
> other LC_ variables should be ignored.  Some experimentation suggests
> that at least in glibc it doesn't work that way, and that there is in
> fact no principled way for you to find out what encoding strftime is
> giving you :-(.

It might be useful to research whether that behavior is following the spec 
(POSIX or whatever).

Peter Eisentraut

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