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> On Sun, Oct 07, 2007 at 11:32:19PM +0000, Jan Wieck wrote:
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> > Added the Skytools extended transaction ID module to contrib as discussed
> > on CORE previously.

To explain the situation, the public discussion about the current
submission happened here:


and here:


And ofcourse, the original submission was at 2006-07 to _8.2_:


It was rejected then mostly on 3 reasons (from my POV):

- it was messy and contained unnecesary cruft.
- it was submitted to core not /contrib
- slony was not interested in it at that moment

Now as you can read from recent disussion we had, we found out
that it would be *really* *really* cool if it would appear
in 8.3...  Talk about last moment...

Because of the bad timing it would have been -core call anyway
whether it gets in or not so Jan asked -core directly.  That's
my explanation about what happened, obviously Jan and Tom have
their own opinion.


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