Jan Wieck wrote:
> On 10/8/2007 1:34 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
>> Magnus Hagander <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>>> Marko Kreen wrote:
>>>> Because of the bad timing it would have been -core call anyway
>>>> whether it gets in or not so Jan asked -core directly.  That's
>>>> my explanation about what happened, obviously Jan and Tom have
>>>> their own opinion.
>>> Right. I can see your point, but it's my understanding that -hackers is
>>> really the ones supposed to decide on this.
>> It would ultimately have been core's decision, but the discussion should
>> have happened on -hackers.  There was no reason for it to be private.
> That blame certainly belongs to me and I apologize for jumping that and
> adding it to contrib without any -hackers discussion.
> It is definitely a timing issue since I write this very email from JFK,
> boarding a flight to Hong Kong in less than an hour and will be mostly
> offline for the rest of the week.
> I agree with the technical issue Tom brought up. Slony itself doesn't
> rely on strtoull() either and this slipped through. I will see that I
> fix that by using Slony's int64 scanning code. I can work on it during
> the flight and commit the fix when I arrive in the hotel.

Good. Win32 is pretty much dead right now, so we can't proceed with
things like testing the buildfarm with msvc/ecpg.

> To Magnus: It certainly would have been cool to have this in core, but
> two weeks ago we didn't know if we can get the code into shape for that
> before BETA (as it is right now I would say it still isn't). So we shot
> for the next best target, which was contrib, where post BETA changes
> aren't as critical.

Right. My thought is still that if it isn't good enough for core, it
shouldn't be in contrib. If it *is* good enough, and we want it, we
should accept that it came in long after freeze and put it in core
anyway. If it *isn't*, then it should be on pgfoundry and be moved into
core when it's ready - for 8.4 or so.

The whole contrib thing confuses a lot of users. Is it included, or
isn't it?  IMHO, that distinction need to be clear, and I thought we
were working (if not actively then at least passively) to "retire"
contrib, moving things either to core or to pgFoundry. Adding yet
another important feature that's "just in contrib" is making things
worse, not better.
IMHO, of course ;-)


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