[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Alvaro Herrera) writes:
> Pavel Stehule escribió:
>> p.s. can we create some general F.A.Q XML format and store FAQ there?
>> WIP Proposal:
>> <faq name = .....  language = >
>> <entry number="1.1.1">
>>   <query>....</query>
>>   <ansver>
>>      ...
>> we need some tags from html: <p><br><a><i><b><ul><li><table>
> There is a DocBook spec for FAQ lists.  Actually a friend of mine was
> working on converting our FAQ into that kind of XML.

Yup, the structure is known as a <qandaset>


There is an example of this in the Slony-I docs - the admin guide has
a FAQ defined using qandaset and its children.
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