Pavel Stehule wrote:
> >
> > OK, how do we even explain this idea in the FAQ.  It pulls 20 random
> > values from 1 to 10000?  That seems pretty hard to code to me.  Where do
> > you get the 10000 number from?  How do you know you will hit a match in
> > 20 tries?
> >
> Number 10000 you have to store in application .. it's magic constant.
> It similar our statistics. And sometimes you have to actualise it.
> This is stochastic methods, so it's possible so it doesn't return any
> value, and you have to repeat it. Using this method expect knowledge
> about generating random numbers. This method is far to ideal, but on
> databases with big traffic only this is usable.

OK, but this is clearly something I can't just throw into the FAQ and
expect people to figure it out, and going into major detail to explain
it in the FAQ isn't logical either.

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