Bruce Momjian wrote:
> Dave Page wrote:
>> Bruce Momjian wrote:
>>>> Can somebody please explain to me what beta means if you can commit new 
>>>> stuff after it has been declared?
>>> We allow /contrib to be more lax about beta changes.
>> Why? When people were complaining about not being able to use TSearch
>> because their ISPs wouldn't install contrib modules we couldn't
>> understand why they would think that way. If we are going to be less
>> stringent about /contrib, maybe they were right to cautious.
> The idea is /contrib isn't installed by default and it isn't tied into
> the core code, and can be tested easier because it is stand-alone.  We
> can rethink that logic but that has been the guide in the past.

Yes, I think we should if this is the result. It's one thing keeping
modules seperate for ease of testing, but it's another to become less
rigourous about how that code is maintained, developed and tested
compared to the core code.


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