Magnus Hagander wrote:
> > Now txid can change that.  E.g. in Skype, it has become irreplaceable
> > tool for coordinating work between several databases.  Here we are
> > probably going overboard with usage of queues...
> If it is this irreplacable killer feature, it should *not* be in contrib.
> It should be in the core backend, and we should be discussing if we can
> bend the rules for that. This is the proper forum for discussing that, so
> let's bring that question to the table.
> Our beta-1 is already fairly broken (the locale stuff on our most
> downloaded platform), so perhaps we should pull that one back, put this
> stuff in the backend, and try to get a beta2 out ASAP?
> Putting it in contrib "just because we were too late to put it in the
> backend, but it is reallyi really important for our users" just doesn't
> make sense.

I also agree with this.  We have to pretend it isn't in /contrib now,
figure out where want it, then put it there (contrib, pgfoundry, core).

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