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> yeah I agree that code like this should be either in core or
> somewhere else (either pgfoundry or even shipped as part of the
> replication solutions mentioned which is basically something slony
> did for ages with the xxid stuff). Just pushing it now into contrib
> results in people wanting to use one of those solution having to deal
> with 3 kinds of packages:
> 1. postgresql
> 2. postgresql-contrib
> 3. skytools/slony/...
> instead of just two which does not strike me as much of an
> improvement.

I am not sure I am buying this argument. Skytools/slony is not
PostgreSQL. Should we also include Greg's recent replication software?
Or perhaps pgCluster?

I can think of at least a dozen modules that would be cool to have in
contrib... plpgsm or orafce?

Yes this is just a "small" bit but Marko has already made suggestions
in his own thread of items that should possibly change. 

This needs to be pulled out, put on pgFoundry or submitted for 8.4.


Joshua D. Drake


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