Magnus Hagander wrote:

If it is this irreplacable killer feature, it should *not* be in contrib.
It should be in the core backend, and we should be discussing if we can
bend the rules for that. This is the proper forum for discussing that, so
let's bring that question to the table.

+1 there, I don't think it should go into contrib just cause it was a late entry. It really seems to be a matter of whether it gets into 8.3 or 8.4

Our beta-1 is already fairly broken (the locale stuff on our most
downloaded platform), so perhaps we should pull that one back, put this
stuff in the backend, and try to get a beta2 out ASAP?

The question there is how long will it take to reach a decision of where the patch belongs? (8.3 8.4 or contrib)

Putting it in contrib "just because we were too late to put it in the
backend, but it is reallyi really important for our users" just doesn't
make sense.



Shane Ambler

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