* Tom Lane ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> We could certainly change flatfiles.c to disregard rolcanlogin, which'd
> actually make the code simpler.  However, that in itself wouldn't change
> the behavior, unless you were to assign a password to the NOLOGIN role
> which seems a fairly strange thing to do.  I think what the OP wishes
> is that "not permitted to log in" would be checked before checking
> password validity, and to do that we'd have to add rolcanlogin
> to the flat password file and put the check somewhere upstream of the
> authentication process.

I wonder if the OP was unhappy because he created a role w/ a pw and
then couldn't figure out why the user couldn't log in?  I've run into
that in the past and it takes some leg-work to figure out what's going
on.  A warning on a 'create role' or 'alter role' command which sets a
password when 'rolcanlogin' is false might be an alternative way to
'fix' this.

In general, I would say that it's correct to say 'invalid
authentication'/'bad pw' until the user is authenticated and then say
'not permitted to log in' if they're not authorized (don't have
rolcanlogin), which is I think what we do.  That combined with the
warning above would, I think, cover most of problem cases.



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