Hiroshi Saito wrote:
> Hi.
> From: "Dave Page" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>>> Yes, Please see,
>>> http://winpg.jp/~saito/pg83/pg83b1-err2.txt
>>> Is that initdb is successful a problem as for this?
>> Oh, sorry - misread that. I chatted with Magnus about that. It is
>> correct, but misleading. pg_control will say Japanese_Japan.932 as well
>> iirc, even though it is really Japanese_Japan.65001.
> But, Please see.
> http://winpg.jp/~saito/pg83/pg83b1-err3.txt
> Japanese_Japan.65001 is error...
> Japanese_Japan is true.

Yes, we're faking utf-8 support using utf-16. Specifying it as you have
there bypasses the workaround and tries to use the 65001 codepage which
then fails because LC_CTYPE cannot be set to .65001 in any locale.


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