Hiroshi Saito wrote:
> Hi.
> From: "Dave Page" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>>> Yes, Please see,
>>> http://winpg.jp/~saito/pg83/pg83b1-err2.txt
>>> Is that initdb is successful a problem as for this?
>> Oh, sorry - misread that. I chatted with Magnus about that. It is
>> correct, but misleading. pg_control will say Japanese_Japan.932 as well
>> iirc, even though it is really Japanese_Japan.65001.
> But, Please see.
> http://winpg.jp/~saito/pg83/pg83b1-err3.txt
> Japanese_Japan.65001 is error...
> Japanese_Japan is true.

Yes, that is expected. If you explicitly ask for the .65001 locale it
will try the one that doesn't have the proper NLS files, and that
shouldn't work. If you just put in Japanese_Japan, it will use the UTF16


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