Magnus Hagander wrote:
> Dave Page wrote:
>> Magnus Hagander wrote:
>>> Not so. The locale is Japanese_Japan, really. That's the only part
>>> that's relevant for UTF16 encodings, which is what we use to do UTF8. We
>>> specifically *don't* try to use Japanese_Japan.65001.
>> Thats not what I mean. From a *usability* perspective, Hiroshi should
>> see Japanese_Japan.65001 because he's selected UTF-8 in Japanese_Japan.
>> He shouldn't see Japanese_Japan.932 because that definitely isn't what
>> he selected.
> I'l grant you that from a usbility perspective, he should see
> Japanese_Japan. Not the .65001 part, though.

Well, that depends on whether we care that we're actually faking the
utf-8 support and/or we want to keep the message consistent with what
you'd see in other locales.


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