* Magnus Hagander ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> > Certainly an installation that *is* using 'em would want a higher
> > setting.
> Can' we make the default 0, which is what the majority should want,
> and have the regression test explicitly set it up on the commandline?

I'm with Magnus on this one.  Having it set to "just enough to test
with" is just plain terrible.  A value of '5' seems high enough that it
might be fine while on a development system and maybe for a short time
on a production system which means it might not get noticed early enough
to get picked up on and fixed by an admin before a user notices.

I also like the on/off option, with the default being 'off' (where that
really means *off*, not "on, but with a small number"- that would be
even worse than the current situation).



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