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Josh Berkus wrote:
On Wednesday 17 October 2007 21:35, Tom Lane wrote:
Josh Berkus <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
I'm writing up the new GUCs, and noticed that max_prepared_transactions defaults to 5. This is too many for most applications (which don't use them at all) and far too few for applications which use them regularly.

I think the intention was to have enough so you could test 'em (in
particular, run the regression tests) without eating resources for
the majority of installations that aren't using them.

Certainly an installation that *is* using 'em would want a higher

Yeah, given the amount of memory per xact, I guess we can't actually set the default higher. I just hate to see a setting that is liable to bite someone
on the tuchas so easily.

They will see the failure at 5 faster and adjust it accordingly. If it
was higher they might hit the limit only under heavy load and it would
surprise them.

Actually, the amount of memory is a reason to default to 0, or change the name, or put a big comment in the config, because I very often saw databases where people had set this to a very high value under the impression that it impacted prepared statements.
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