Kevin Grittner wrote:
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>> If it's set to 0
>> then there's no real reason we need to wal log lock operations.
> Do we currently take advantage of that fact, or log them anyway?

No, we log them anyway.

There's a few other reasons to WAL log lock operations, see comments in

> /*
>  * XLOG stuff.        You might think that we don't need an XLOG record 
> because
>  * there is no state change worth restoring after a crash.    You would be
>  * wrong however: we have just written either a TransactionId or a
>  * MultiXactId that may never have been seen on disk before, and we need
>  * to make sure that there are XLOG entries covering those ID numbers.
>  * Else the same IDs might be re-used after a crash, which would be
>  * disastrous if this page made it to disk before the crash.  Essentially
>  * we have to enforce the WAL log-before-data rule even in this case.
>  * (Also, in a PITR log-shipping or 2PC environment, we have to have XLOG
>  * entries for everything anyway.)
>  */

There's also the risk of torn pages. We set the xmax and the XMAX_*_LOCK
flag in heap_lock_tuple, and it's possible that only one of those
changes is written to disk before crash.

  Heikki Linnakangas

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