Roberto Icardi wrote:
> Hello,
> I've installed on a windows xp machine beta 1 of postgresql 8.3 and
> pgadmin III 1.8.
> I've loaded a backup of a database from a 8.2.5 machine, for testing
> purpose, and tried
> the new functionality of plpgsql debug of functions.
> But I was disappointed to see that does not work.
> I try to debug right clicking on a function (very basic function indeed)
> and choosing debug->debug from the contextual menu, but what I obtain is
> "an unhandled exception occurred." and Abort/Retry/Ignore buttons. Same
> if I try to set breakpoint
> (i can see the debug window this way, but completely empty)
> Sorry I cannot give more details, but I don't have them myself <g>
> Can someone give me an idea of what's wrong? Is maybe debugging not yet
> available in this beta release
> of postgresql on windows??? Or the problem is that the function is
> imported from a 8.2.5 database?

It works fine in all the extensive testing I've done on PostgreSQL 8.2
and 8.3, not to mention EnterpriseDB 8.1 and 8.2 - otherwise we wouldn't
have released pgAdmin today.

Can you post the source for your function, or a simple version with with
you can recreate the problem?

Regards, Dave

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