Roberto Icardi wrote:
> CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION public.prova(provain character varying)
>  RETURNS character varying AS
> $BODY$
> begin
>  if (provain = 'A') then
>    return 'INVALIDO';
>  else
>    return 'VALIDO';
>  end if;
> end;
> $BODY$
>  COST 100;
> ALTER FUNCTION prova(character varying) OWNER TO postgres;
> select * from pldbg_get_proxy_info();
> "PostgreSQL 8.3devel on i686-pc-mingw32, compiled by GCC gcc.exe (GCC)
> 3.4.2 (mingw-special)";80300;3;3924
> select * from pldbg_get_target_info('18891', 'o');
> 18891;2200;1;"1043";"prova";"";"{provain}";16386;"public.prova";f;1043

OK, that looks as I'd expect (and debugs just fine for me!).

When you attempt to debug it, do you see the parameter dialogue before
it crashes, or does it go immediately?

Also, please set pgAdmin to 'Debug' log level (under File->Options),
create a new log of you recreating the crash (using direct debugging,
not a global breakpoint) and then send me the logfile.

Thanks, Dave.

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