Roberto Icardi wrote:
Also, please set pgAdmin to 'Debug' log level (under File->Options),
create a new log of you recreating the crash (using direct debugging,
not a global breakpoint) and then send me the logfile.


Doesn't shed any light though unfortunately. Do you have a firewall on
that box? If so, can you try disabling it temporarily?

Regards, Dave.

Only the windows firewall, if you can call it a firewall <g>
Anyway, I've disabled, but without luck.
Only thing I can add is that on that pc there where a previous release of PostgreSQL (8.2), uninstalled before 8.3 beta installation. Now I'll try with a Win2000 virtual machine. On this machine is installed 8.2 also, that I'm uninstalling right now.

Shouldn't matter - I have all manner of installs on my dev boxes - of various release and dev versions.

Regards, Dave

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