> We can issue a provisional date. We could also say "at least 6 months
> after release date of 8.3". I'm sure there's other options too.

I'm going to suggest 4 months after 8.3.  8.3 was supposed to be a *short* 
release so that we could move our calendar around.  HOT and some of the 
other unexpected massive patches prevented that.  Again, we have enough in 
the "deferred for 8.4" queue that if we finished up only that it would 
qualify as a release.  

So my thought is, shoot for a short release so that we can get away from 
summer consolidations and December releases, and extend the cycle if 
someone dumps another 50,000 lines of attractive patches on us.

In fact, I could see doing a "no-catalog-changes, no major patches we don't 
already know about, 6-month release".  It would reset our cycle and get 
PL/proxy, DSM, clustered indexes, etc. out the door.   It could mean 
turning away patches which look attractive, though, so the whole community 
has to be into this.


Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL @ Sun
San Francisco

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