> Further the people wanting specific features of a specific release,
> don't have to wait 12-15 months to get them.
> I recognize this would be a *lot* easier if we didn't have the initdb
> requirement but still... release early, release often.
> I have really taken to the Ubuntu style of releasing. Every 6 months (or
> so) they release. Every 2 years (or so) the LTS.
> Is there potential for that here? I don't know, but it seems worth
> exploring.

1x per year full version is well. And it's much better then in MySQL
or  in Firebird.  I thing so problem is in long patch queue. There are
lot of sleeping patches (enugh for 8.4 now), and isn't possible
transform to core it any short time (mainly with bombs like tsearch or


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